The Vespucci Initiative for the Advancement of Geographic Information Science is announcing the 10th Annual Summer Institute on Geographic Information Science in Florence, Italy, 2012.
altThe first week’s (June 3 to 9, 2012) topic is “Interoperability 360”. Facilitators for this week are: Harlan Onsrud, Ioannis  Kanellopoulos, Stefano NativiMax CragliaMichael Gould and Werner Kuhn. Interoperability 360 intends to discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of the interoperability of systems, services, data, organisations, people, and disciplines from a holistic perspective. Traditional notions of syntactic and semantic interoperability offer only a limited view of what is needed in practice, and do not prepare you for applications in the real world. To fill this gap, the week draws on real-life experience in a global setting, contrasting an approach backed by legislation (INSPIRE), with one based on voluntary contributions (the Global Earth Observatons System of Systems or GEOSS).

The second week (July 1 to 7, 2012) will give attention to the relevance of “Spatial Information in Science and Society”. After ten successful years of Vespucci Institutes, we invite all alumni for free and newcomers with a 50% discount on the regular rate to join us in exploring the growing role of spatial information in the sciences and in society at large. Please apply by submitting a short position paper (max. 2 pages) on where you see the biggest potential for spatial data and models, what the role of spatial information is in your own work, and how your participation at one or more Vespucci Institutes has influenced your career. The week will consist of keynote addresses by invited speakers (to be announced), short presentations from participants, and ample discussion time. We are targeting a special issue of an international journal or a book as an archival outcome and “guide” for the next decade of Vespucci. Facilitators are: Cristina CapineriMax CragliaMichael Gould and Werner Kuhn.

For more information, please visit The Vespucci Summer Institute 2012.

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