ISWC 2012

Wissenschaft interaktiv 2012

ISWC 2011

COSIT 2011

ICMM 2011

  • Travel Award
    Torben Gerkensmeyer, to attend the IV. International Mental Map Conference, October 14-15th 2011, Timisoara, Romania

IK 2011

Vespucci Summer Institute 2011 (Week 1: VGI)

Vespucci Summer Institute 2011 (Week 2: Process Ontologies)

AGILE 2011

  • Best Paper Award:
    Jens Ortmann and Henry Michels. ”Modelling Umwelten”. In Stan Geertmann, Wolfgang Reinhardt, Fred Toppen (Eds.) Advancing Geoinformation for a Changing World. Pp. 293-316, Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography, Springer, 2011. download PDF
  • Best Poster Award, 2nd Place:
    Christoph Stasch, Christian Autermann, Theodor Foerster, Edzer Pebesma. “Towards a Spatiotemporal Aggregation Service in the Sensor Web.” Poster Session at the 14th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, 18-21 April 2011 – Utrecht, The Netherlands.

GIScience 2010

  • Best Extended Abstract Award:
    Giorgio De Felice, Paolo Fogliaroni and Jan Oliver Wallgrün. Qualitative Reasoning with Visibility Information for Environmental Learning, 6th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience 2010), Zurich, 14-17th September, 2010.
  • Travel Award:
    Giorgio De Felice, to attend the 6th Internation GIScience Conference, Zurich, 14-17th September, 2010.

COSIT 2009, Doctoral Colloquium

  • Best Student Paper Award:
    (a) Paolo Fogliaroni Towards a Hybrid Quantitative-Qualitative GIS.
    (b) Anusuriya Devaraju Towards Process-Based Ontology for Representing Dynamic Geospatial Phenomena.